First of all, I would like to welcome you on my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you wanna know anything about me, just visit my about page and if you want to talk to me (and I would love that so don’t be shy!) there is a contact page  impatiently waiting for you.

Second of all, you may want to know what place did the internet take you this time. Well, that would be a blog dedicated to lifestyle, the people of this world (I wouldn’t be against blogging about people of different worlds either) and specifically the girl of this bedroom.

Third of all (and I feel like I should switch to different way of beggining a paragraph), I’ve got a suggestion for you. How about you get yourself a tea or some different beverage, change into some comfy clothes (PJs would be my clothes of choice) and find a comfy and calm place? Got there? Great! Now, get rid of any anxiety and read some sentences I typed. It’s not crucial to fulfill all points above but that’s just how you can get the most out of this blog. It’s a dish best served calm.